Monster Name Zorgulon
Base None
Sex Male
Debut Terror in Space
Special Attacks Repel Attack


Not much is known about Zorgulon other than he came as part of a force to conquer Earth.



Like the boss Cerebulon, he has an exposed brain, two arms and four legs, but Zorgulon may be of a less advanced form, as he has only two eyes, his crab-like claws suggest worker-bee like status and he requires a respirator to breathe in Earth's atmosphere.


Zorgulon's long range attack is a homing squadron of UFOs that reach a far distance and does decent damage. He has good armor and his projectiles fire at a medium rate, dealing fair damage. He is a medium-jumper and climbs at a fast pace. His taunt is folding his arms, levitating and spinning for two rotations.

Basic CombosEdit

(Disclaimer: this game was a Playstation 2 exlcusive and the combos you see are wrong since they don't follow the proper button format of Triangle,Circle,X,and Square)

  • Long Flight: H-H-H
  • ET Blast: L-L-L-L
  • High Flier: L-L-L-H-H-H


  • Purchasing the first costume unlocks Zorgulon in adventure mode.
  • Zorgulon appears as a triple-threat in Stage 10 aboard the UFO.
  • His fourth costume may be based on Gezora, the giant squid from the 1970 Toho movie Space Amoeba.
  • Supposedly, Incognito said a while back that his origin was that he was the king of the alien invasion, but he consumed radioactive waste and became addicted. Zorgulon came to Earth looking for the fuel of their spaceships. These events lead up to Zorgulon's adventure mode.


  • Zorgulon skins
    Skin 1: Green w/ Red eyes from Stage 10/ UFO (200,000)
  • Skin 2: Blue w/ Red eyes (15,000)
  • Skin 3: Yellow w/ Green eyes (15,000)
  • Skin 4: Gray w/ Red Cyclops eye. (15,000)

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