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The Raptros is a dragon-like creature. It is bipedal and its default skin is red. Its underbelly is tan and its eyes are a glowing crimson. It has two slightly tattered wings, a horn on the tip of its snout, and its body is overall very raptor-like.

Nothing is known about Raptros as no origin was provided within the game or media. This ultimately makes them the most mysterious character in the entire game. The only information about their past is provided by the It Came From The Skies poster, which claims Raptros is a monster "from a lost age". Read More...


Raptos Congar Mug Togera Mug Robo 47 Mug Mantis Mug

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Plain and simple, I am a child of the 70's, born in '67...I watched Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons, I read Famous Monsters magazine, built the models, bought the bubblegum cards and the beat goes on. I was one of the lucky ducks that got to see the infamous "Force Five" cartoons each weekday after school. (These were the cartoons made by Toei Animation that were repackaged by Jim Terry for US consumption). These mid 70's Super-Robot Anime are what our buddy V is a direct descendant of. Read More...

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