Monster Name Vegon
Base Plant (Species Unclear, possibly a Venus Fly Trap)
Sex Unclear, likely Hermaphroditic
Debut Battle For Atomic Island
Special Attacks Vine Attack
Pollen Attack
Head Strike

Vegon is a Boss Monster.


Background Edit

Absolutely nothing is known about Vegon however it was mostly likely a normal plant, possibly a venus fly trap-like plant, indigenous to the island before the nuclear facility was constructed. Over the years Vegon had not only continued to grow, but mutate due to the long period of direct exposure to radioactive elements, both in the soil, as well as in the sea from which it drank. Eventually, a meltdown occured at Atomic Island, and shortly thereafter, Vegon arose from the wreckage.

Appearance Edit

Vegon is a plant-like being that has three Venus fly trap-like heads connected to long vine-like necks. These necks lead down into another large mouth that is joined with the roots. The mouth has many large leaves sprouting from its sides, which can fold up to resemble a cabbage. Being a plant based monster, Vegon is based on specific site (rooted) and cannot become mobile in game.

Strategy Edit


Vegon within it's petals.

Vegon is a towering menace, beginning its attack by spitting toxic, acidic venom at you, which will cause decent damage. Quickly pick up a piece of debris and block. Each piece will sustain two to three hits. Grab another piece, lock onto the head poised to strike and throw (Robo-47 and Congar defeat a head in one strike by hitting the head with their ranged special attack). If you strike Vegon, it will recede into its pod and its roots will rise from the earth, whipping the air, seeking you. Spend as much time airborne as you can. Attempting to attack Vegon during the root-attack is futile and will only cause you damage. When the roots subside, Vegon will emerge and the process must be repeated. Each head takes two hits to kill. Between each successful hit on Vegon, the root attack will repeat. When Vegon is above ground, plan to be near plenty of debris to shield you or throw when one of the heads readies to strike.

The sequence is as follows:

  • With three heads, two spits, then strikes from left..
  • With two heads, three spits, then strikes from right..
  • With one head, five spits then strikes.
Vegon the Weeping Reaper

Vegon the Weeping Reaper


  • Vegon is based on a cross between Biollante, from the 1989 Toho film Godzilla vs. Biollante and Audrey II, the mutated Venus Fly Trap-type plant from the 1986 WB film Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Vegon also bears a striking resemblance to the plant-like aliens in the film The Day of the Triffids.
  • Vegon is the only boss in the entire game which does not rely on robotics like Goliath-Prime or Cerebulon does.
  • Vegon also has three heads which could be a reference to the Toho kaiju King Ghidorah
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