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UFO Maintains Strategic PositionEdit

Global Observer News A neon city surrounded by deep ocean waters, considered one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, it was an easy target of surveillance by the invading UFOs. Even with the rise of the monsters, a UFO remains positioned off-shore, its mysterious purpose unknown.

Episode: Wave of Destruction (Stage 9)

Location: Tsunopolis

Opponent: Ultra V x 2

Enviornmental Weapons / Attacks:

1.Hurling a projectile at the UFO hovering in the Northern sky will prompt it to fire it's laser into the ocean, triggering a tsunami. Head for the rooftops quickly.

The following buildings will topple in the arrow's direction for crush opportunity:

2. Downward strike this building once.

3. Downward strike this building three times.

4. Downward strike this building four times.

5. Downward strike this buillding three times.

  • Three parked fuel tankers.
  • Like Metro City, military helicopters patrol the skies here as well, and will shoot on sight.
  • Destruction of Tsunopolis will yield between 5,00-7,000 battle tokens.

Once both opponents have been defeated, you are beamed aboard the UFO and taken to the mothership, which is orbiting earth.


  • This level is obviously based on Japan, which has not only been the site of the most tsunamis throughout history, but Japan is also the origin of the Kaiju (strange beast) film genre.
  • Tsunami comes from the Japanese, translated as "Harbor Wave".
  • The military choppers are present in Adventure mode only.

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