Strange Lights Seen Over Abandoned BaseEdit

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A top-secret military base houses decommisioned military experiments and weapons. Although the government denies the existence of this base, strange shapes on the horizon and flashes in the night sky lend credence to the rumors of alien research and prototype experimentation.

Episode: Outpost X (Stage 3)
Rosdale Canyon
Outpost X loading 01

Location: Rosdale Canyon

Opponent: Red Ant Preytor x 8, then Goliath-Prime (Boss).

Enviornmental Weapons / Attacks:

  1. Turret-guns on either side of bunker entrance can be removed and used, but don't do much damage.
  2. North Pillar has indestructible boulder stacked atop which will be useful in the battle with boss.

Destruction of Rosdale Canyon will yield between 6,000-8,000 Battle Tokens.

This level is the smallest of all in adventure mode. When you begin, you will first do battle with a total of eight of the Mutant Ant version of Preytor, (waves of three, three, then two.) As this level is primarily a boss battle, the ants are defeated far easier than other opponents. Once they are defeated, your first boss, Goliath-Prime, will appear atop the bunker. Visit here for strategy information.


  • Name and appearance of level influenced by Roswell, NM, as well as Area 51 at Edwards A.F.B. in Nevada (the words "Bunker 51-A" can even be seen on the blast door).
  • In modes other than Adventure, the best area to linger on this map is between the helicopter base and the bunker. Here, you have access to 7 throwable weapons, the Special Attack powerup, and the 50 Energy pickup.
  • The ant-version of Preytor in this level is a nod to the mutated ants in the 1954 WB film Them!.
  • Goliath-Prime and Vegon share the same boss music.
  • Turret-guns are present in Adventure mode only.
  • This is the only level in the game where no Human casualties can occur.
  • This is also the smallest level in the game, being dwarfed in overall size by even Midtown Park, the very first level in the game.

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