So, I would venture to guess most here know of the Press Kit's existence and what it contains, but the mystery surrounding this kit was the contents of the media disc itself. I was fortunate enough to recently acquire one after years of searching, so all of those questions can be answered and the info shared.

The image to the left was found in a google search for the obvious, (WotM Press Kit), The only item absent from my kit is the poster, which I'm ok with.

Aside from the poster, also included is the full game demo and the media disc. The item on the lower left is the flipside of the disc holder, which is a collage of the logo, Robo 47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Congar a UFO and Magmo, above a city block and some frightened public. The other side has copy, much like what would be found on the back of an actual game case in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Below that are three gameplay shots commonly found in google image searches.

The item on the far right is the "case" the disc holder slips into...the construction of the whole package resembles that of a vinyl LP. The three "clawmarks" are cutouts, which show the eyes of two of our friends, peering through from the cover of the inner case. The flipside is the same image of the cityscape, without the calmity in the foreground.

For completists sake, I'll get pics up of the individual components, but for now, I want to focus on the meat and potatoes of the media.

On with it, then...

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