Monster Name Mutant Ants (conjectural)
Base Ant (specific species unknown)
Sex Unknown
Debut Outpost X
Special Attacks None

Mutant Ants are giant-sized red ants that appear in Rosdale Canyon. They are fought just before Goliath-Prime, the first boss of the game.


It is unknown how or why this colony of social invertebrates came into existence, but what can be assumed is that they were also affected by the radioactive UFO fuel (much like Preytor was), or if it had anything to do with the grounds they lived in.

WOTM - Giant Ant 1

A Mutant Ant pearing out of the giant Ant Hill, Rosdale Canyon.

Before battle, the lead monster is standing right in front of the Giant Ant Hill, then startled by rubble flying out of the hole. A single ant pears out of the hole, observing its surroundings, before crawling out, two others following suit. They rear up and screech, the battle commences.


Though they attack in large numbers of around 3 or 4 soldier ants,
WOTM - Giant Ants 1

Two more ants crawl out of the giant Ant Hill.

individually they are very weak and can be killed with a single combination. They also lack special attacks and cannot fly.


  • The Mutant Ants are actually weak dopplegangers of Preytor's 2nd costume.
  • Despite being red in colour it is unknown if they're actually red ants.
    • Furthermore they bare more resemblence to a red velvet ant or, more obvious, the red and black ant.
  • Unlike actual ants, the Mutant Ants are poised in an upright stance. However this is simply due to being an alternative costume of Preytor.
  • Each soldier ant uses their hands rather than their pincers during combat, which is questionable as actual ants use their pincers to bite their enemies.
  • It could be questioned as to where the ant hill leads, considering Rosdale Canyon is quarantined by forcefield barriers.