Midtown Park
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"Studies Indicate Park Relieves Stress" -Global Observer News                    

This park is an oasis of green amid the traffic-filled downtown district of one of the busiest cities in the world. The trademark four-corner buildings stand guard over the little pool of natural serenity in an otherwise hectic city.

Episode: Day of the Colossus (Stage 1)

Location: Midtown Park

Opponent: Congar

Enviornmental Weapons / Attacks:

  • Four fuel tankers parked around outer perimeter of level, with two roaming.
  • Three skyscrapers in the level: Apcomm, (Congar start point), World Icon and Tes Bancorp all topple after one downward strike. (Each building. marked with arrows showing direction they fall.)
  • Helicopters are unarmed.
  • Destruction of Midtown Park will yield between 2,000-5,000 Battle Tokens.


  • Century Airfield uses the same level music as Midtown Park.
  • Level unavailable in 2 Player Elimination mode.
  • In another game done by Incognito, Twisted Metal: Black, Midtown was the area that it took place in, possibly serving as a reference to Twisted Metal: Black.
  • This level is based in New York, the same city when King Kong appears.
  • Clips showing the various monsters and gameplay on the Main Menu all use this level.
  • This level also acts as the Tutorial level in Adventure mode, gradually explaining basic commands as the player fights Congar while also having several Hint markers placed around the level to explain other features such as performing Special Attacks.

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