Episode: Cerebulon, Destroyer of Worlds (Stage 11)

Location: Capitol

Opponent: Cerebulon (Boss)

Enviornmental / Special Attacks:

  1. Electricity field behind crashed UFO.
  2. The large monument that Cerebulon smashes through in Adventure mode is present in other modes, with a special powerup at the very top. Strangely enough no characters are able to climb it. It took Magmo fifteen heavy hits to bring it down. However, Those who can fly such as Raptros & Preytor can fly up to  get the powerup.
  3. There is only one fuel tanker, parked to the left in front of the Capitol.
  4. Destruction of Capitol will yield between 30,000-50,000 Battle Tokens.

Visit here for strategy information.


  • Inspiration for this level would come from the 1956 Columbia Pictures film Earth vs. the Flying Saucers where UFOs attack, then are defeated over the skies of Washington DC. One saucer crashes into the Washington Monument, another into the Capitol Building.
  • This is also an unlockable level that can be purchased for 85,000 Battle Tokens.
  • Level unavailable in 2 Player Elimination mode.

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