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Global Observer News Built on the site of a radiation-testing zone, Atomic Island now houses a prototype nuclear plant. Although "safe" research occurs, the possibility of a meltdown has driven most of it's inhabitants to vacate.

Episode: Battle For Atomic Island (Stage 6)

Location: Atomic Island

Opponent: Kineticlops x 4 (re-spawning), then Vegon (Boss).

Environmental Weapons / Attacks:

  1. Infinite Energy after performing dive attack on central reactor. (It will power down after near three refills, but will re-energize after a brief period or can be restarted immediately with a dive attack.)
  2. Dive attack on East reactor vent switch will cause basin to fill with deadly fiery plasma, rapidly consuming health in a matter of seconds.
  3. If you are looking to maximize your token tally, the countdown will not start until all four small reactor towers have been destroyed. Each take two dive-attacks apiece, so be sure you have demolished the rest of the facility, all of the vehicles and housing to ensure the highest token tally. Leaving one tower standing means only one Kineticlops can respawn to challenge you.
  • Naturally, electrical fences should be avoided, though can be used to your advantage.
  • Four fuel tankers parked at South pump house.

Destruction of Atomic Island will yield 15,000-20,000 Battle Tokens. Like Rosdale Canyon, your opponents here are easily defeated, as your second boss battle will be occurring shortly.

Once the final tower has been demolished, you will hear a countdown begin, with the warning: "Core Meltdown" appearing on the screen, after the ensuing blast, you are standing in a pit amongst the wreckage of the plant. In it's center, a large, mutated pod opens, sprouting the three headed horror that is your second boss, Vegon!

Visit here for strategy information.


  • Vegon is based on a cross between Biollante, from the 1989 Toho film Godzilla vs. Biollante and Audrey II, the mutated Venus Fly Trap-type plant from the 1986 WB film Little Shop of Horrors (as well some King Ghidorah because of the three heads with long necks)
  • Vegon's inclusion as the boss in Adventure Mode may be an intended pun, being a plant in a power plant.
  • This level, alongside Gambler's Gulch, was modelled by Corey Kruitbosch.
  • Level unavailable in 1 Player Endurance and 2 Player Elimination modes.
  • It may be based on real life Three Mile Island.
  • This map, surprisingly, possesses no usable power generators, despite being an electricity-generating station.

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